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Smyr released their second album, Vandring (Wandering), in the summer of 2010.

The vocal quartet consists of Kristin Eidhamar Næss, Anne Birte Bjørdal Hanken, Ingvild Drønnen and Gunhild Marie Roald – all of them hail from Ålesund, on the west coast of Norway.

Smyr has developed an extraordinary musical identity during their 13 years of singing together. Their sound nods to modern church music, jazz, folk music and gregorian chant. The music is tailor made to suit the unique qualities each of them bring to the table, and yet, their homogenous sound is one of Smyr’s most defining trademarks.

‘Wandering’ is a continuation of the sound of the quartet’s debut album ‘St.Sunniva’ of 2003. They have, however, moved a step closer to the jazz, collaborating with Steinar Løberg Værnes on trumpet/live electronics, and with more improvisation. The trumpet and the soft electronic sound both give and edge to, and complete the vocal soundscape.

The album consists of 11 compositions – one of which is an instrumental. They are all written and arranged by Smyr and Værnes. All lyrics, written in Norwegian, are by the quartet, with the exception of two poems by the Norwegian poet Olav H. Hauge. They describe the existential wandering – they speak of faith and hope, and the paradoxical movement between seeking and finding, leaving and homecoming. This is described through vivid nature atmospheres and with biblical references.     

The album is recorded in Borgund church in Ålesund, it is produced by Reidar Skår and mastered by Audun Strype. Ragnhild Eide Akslen has played a role as a vocal consultant and Elin Rosseland har contributed as a production consultant. AIM Sound City is the label and the album is distributed by Musikkoperatørene AS.

Smyr`s first album

Smyr's first album, "St. Sunniva", was released in april 2003. This project is based on the legend of Sunniva, the Norwegian saint. Inspired by the legend and the amazing nature in the surroundings of Selje, Smyr has tried to recreate the atmosphere that has touched them. The lyrics describe agonizing storms and divine sunsets, dancing around the fire and intense prayers.

The two albums can be purchased through the website of AIM SOUND CITY;

The singers:

Kristin Eidhamar Næss is an organist and a choir conductor – educated at the Norwegian academy of music in Oslo. In addition to her classical education, she has studied folk music by Sondre Bratland at the Rauland academy. She now works as an organist in Malvik outside Trondheim.

Anne Birte Bjørdal Hanken is a production designer and a teacher. She has been a member of the chamber choir and the soloist choir of Ålesund, together with the vocal group Ginungagap in Oslo. She lives in Ålesund, where she is the gründer of JACU Coffe Roastery ( and also works at Borgund Folkehøgskole.

Ingvild Drønnen is well experienced within both the classical- and the jazz vocal traditions. She is educated from the music high school in Ålesund, and Viken school of performing arts. She is now studying to become a medical secretary after having worked in sales for many years.

Gunhild Marie Roald works on a Ph.D within the field of counseling at NTNU in Trondheim. She has been working in the Church City Mission and in the the church management in Trondheim. In between her studies, she has been travelling for two years with the one-woman-performance ‘Irish journey’. She has been a member of the choir SKRUK, and is the vocalist of the jazz duo ‘To møre’.